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    John Deere XUV 625i 825i Full Cab Fits Lexan Windshield
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    Our John Deere XUV 625i 825i Cab enclosure Fits Lexan Windshield is made up of three separate pieces that come together to protect the occupants from the elements. Our cabs are made from marine grade polyester fabric that is extremely water resistant. Zippers, Thread, Webbing and Velcro are all marine grade and the very best components that we could find.

    The cab is made up of the following components:

    • Soft Doors that attach using a combination of Velcro and Snaps
    • Rear Window that attaches using Velcro and Cording
    • Soft Top that attaches using straps

    Since the cab is made from separate pieces the user has many different combinations that can be installed to match the conditions the vehicle is being used in.

    Brand Mammoth Design's
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