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    John Deere X300 Series Winter Grille Cover
    John Deere X300 Series Winter Grille Cover AM136691

    Winter grille covers are available as an accessory for Select Series X300 and X500 Tractors.

    Note: No longer recommended for model year 2014 and newer tractors

    • Faster engine warm-up and higher winter operating temperature
    • Prevents the engine carburetor from "icing-up" while blowing or blading snow, or
      during similar applications, when operating in certain cold weather conditions
    • Elastic straps make installation and removal quick and easy

    *The winter grille cover is recommended only for air-cooled tractors; use of the winter grille cover on a
    liquid-cooled tractor may cause the engine to overheat, which will cause the PTO to disengage.

    Note: To avoid engine damage, the winter grille cover must be removed when outside temperature reaches 40 degrees F (4 degrees C) or higher.

    The purpose of the winter grille cover is to seal the side vents on the hood; they need to be blocked completely. The cover must be aligned properly to accomplish this.  If the sides are not sealed, carburetor icing may still be a problem.

    Symptoms of carburetor icing:
    • While blowing snow in freezing temperatures, the engine gradually loses power, emits black smoke from exhaust, misses, stalls, and/or fouls spark plugs
    • If tractor is left outside in freezing temperatures after blowing snow, choke may not move when trying to start engine
    • Engine will start after sitting outside in freezing temperatures, but runs poorly and lacks power; black smoke may be emitted through the exhaust
    Brand John Deere
    Customer Reviews
    Rating Major improvement this winter
    This made an incredible improvement in preventing icing up of my motor when I clear my snow on windy days. This winter that has been twice a week on average... The engine runs smoother, and no more freeze ups when I park it in my unheated garage. Previously I had to thaw my tractor for 45 minutes when it iced up about half the time after I used it. Got it quick from Green Dealer and made great use of it!
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    Reviewed by:  Pine Island Minnesota. - 3/2/2014
    Rating retired
    The grill cover is great. Keeps the snow out of the engine, and stop it from freezing up.
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    Reviewed by:  Niles Michigan. - 12/25/2016
    Rating jd owner
    The usual high Quality John Deere Product. As We have not had it cold enough yet to be critical of the product it cannot help but keep out the wind and snow, which should help .
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    Reviewed by:  ONALASKA. - 2/2/2017
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