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    John Deere Wheel and Tire Cleaner
    John Deere Wheel and Tire Cleaner TY27513

    *Not available for sale to Alaska or Hawaii*

    Wheel and Tire Cleaner

     Features and benefits

    ·        Formulated to safely remove oil, brake dust, and road grime from any wheel or tire

    ·        Commercial-strength product cleans white-letter and whitewall tires

    ·        Special cleaning agent restores luster to chrome and aluminum wheels

    ·        Safe for all wheels, including uncoated aluminum

    ·        Environmentally friendly

    Application instructions

    Spray Wheel and Tire Cleaner on your wheels and wait 30 seconds. Continue to wash as normal. Spraying this product on your tires before washing will remove dirt and grime that a regular wash won't.

    Brand John Deere
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