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    John Deere Super Lube
    John Deere Super Lube TY25733
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    *Not available for sale to Alaska or Hawaii*

    Super Lube Multipurpose Synthetic Lubricant

    Super Lube is a patented, multi-purpose synthetic lubricant with Teflon® that out-performs petroleum-based lubricants. The Teflon particles in Super Lube fill surface irregularities by compacting like snowflakes in a snowball to form a smooth lubricated surface. Machinery and equipment are protected from wear and corrosion. Maintenance and service requirements are reduced.

    Features and benefits

    ·        Waterproof and not washed away by acids or alkalis

    ·        More product at a competitive retail price

    ·        Lasts four times longer than petroleum-based lubricants

    ·        Cleans and penetrates then evaporates, leaving a non-toxic, long-lasting film of lubricant

    ·        Does not melt, wash out, dry out, separate, or attract dust; resists temperatures up to 750 degrees F (399 degrees)

    ·        Does not harm the soil, turf, hay, or animals with incidental contact

    ·        Contains no CFLs or chlorinated solvents to deplete ozone

    ·        Synthetic with Syncolon PTFE bonds to surface to add lubricity to moving parts
    Use on machinery and equipment including:
    ·        Bearings
    ·        Cables
    ·        Pumps
    ·        Locks
    ·        Gears
    ·        Conveyors
    ·        Valves
    ·        Linkages
    ·        Chains
    ·        Pulleys
    ·        Hinges
    ·        Bushings
    Safe on rubber, wood, and metal


    TY25733 MSDS

    Brand John Deere
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