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John Deere Never-Seez Lubricant

Part Number: TY24811v
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John Deere Never-Seez Lubricant
John Deere Never-Seez Lubricant TY24810 TY24811
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Brand John Deere

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*Not available for sale to Alaska or Hawaii*

Never-Seez Lubricant

Never-Seez is an effective, anti-seize compound at temperatures ranging from -297 to 2,000 degrees F
(-183 to 1093 degrees C).

 Choose 8-ounce brush can or 12.5-ounce spray can

Never-Seez is designed to:
·        Eliminate galling
·        Prevent corrosion, galvanic pitting
·        Increase parts life
·        Speed assembly and disassembly
·        Assure consistent torque; stop thread stripping
·        Lubricate even in the presence of moisture
·        Protect and seal gaskets




·        Manifold gaskets and fastenings

·        Glow plugs

·        Cylinder head bolts, studs, plugs, etc.

·        Pre-combustion chamber and fuel injector nozzles

·        Front cover plate gasket

·        Oil pan gaskets

·        Hydraulic fittings

·        Brake cables and anchor pins

·        Tire bolts and nuts

·        Front idler adjusting screws

·        Track frame guard elements

·        Contains no fluorocarbons harmful to the environment

·        Meets J17A


For tough lubrication applications on equipment and parts exposed to severe weather and extreme high-temperature and corrosive conditions. May be sprayed or brushed on metal parts. Special protective compound film contains countless micron-size metal particles that cannot be completely removed by abrasion, high-temperature, or "washout." This film lubricates and protects metal parts from seizure and premature wear under extreme operating conditions.


  • California use info:

    ⚠ Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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