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    John Deere Multi Purpose Lubricant
    John Deere Multi Purpose Lubricant TY6350
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    *Not available for sale to Alaska or Hawaii*

    This blue-green lubricant is a water-displacing, friction-reducing, penetrating oil with hundreds of uses.

    Contains an extreme pressure (EP) additive that provides high film strength. Multi-Purpose Lubricant cleans as it lubricates, and is a good rust preventative.

    Can be used to free parts seized by rust, scale, or corrosion, and will not harm electrical contacts, wood, vinyl, or paint.
    ·        Automatic chokes
    ·        Battery cables
    ·        Bikes
    ·        Boats
    ·        Cameras
    ·        Casters
    ·        Chains
    ·        Drawers
    ·        Fire arms
    ·        Fishing reels
    ·        Hinges
    ·        Ignitions
    ·        Locks
    ·        Pulleys
    ·        Sliding doors
    ·        Tools
    ·        Toys
    ·        Zippers


    TY6350 MSDS

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