John Deere LT Series High Back Seat

Part Number: AM126865
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John Deere LT Series High Back Seat
John Deere LT Series High Back Seat AM126865
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Brand John Deere


John Deere High Back Seat that will fit the LT series of lawn tractors. This seat does not come standard equipment on the LT series, but fits nicely and feels great. It boasts a super thick cushion, with a bright yellow vinyl cover. This is all you need to attach this seat to your LT tractor. You simply pull the pins, remove your old seat. Then you position the new seat in place, slide the pins back in and you are done. This is a big seat, it will look a little large on your tractor, but it doesn't look out of place, and it will feel alot better than the stock originial seat.

It is not necessary but we recommend you grind your seat suspension springs flat on the top to provide as much flat area as possible to come into contact with the bottom of the seat. Your seat switch will remain in the standard position and will work fine with this new seat. This part is manufactured by John Deere and comes with the standard 90 day John Deere warranty.
This seat will fit the LT133,LT155,LT166.

This Is A Genuine John Deere Part.

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