John Deere Forced Air Heater Kit

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John Deere Forced Air Heater Kit
John Deere Forced Air Heater Kit
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Brand John Deere


John Deere Forced Air Heater Kit

The forced-air heater kit uses a dash-mounted heater powered by gasoline from the vehicle's fuel system. Since the heater is using fuel instead of warm coolant from the engine to generate heat, the cab heat is available more rapidly. The desired cab temperature can be reached with or without the engine running.

  • Dash-mounted, five-position control dial to adjust for operator comfort
  • Position 1 is off
  • Positions 2 to 5 offer four heat levels (low, medium, high, and boost, respectively)
  • LED indicator light for operation
  • Dash-mounted, directional louver provides windshield defrosting and complete operator comfort
  • Second outlet provides heat to the foot well area
Compatible with the following T Series models: TS, TX, TX Turf, and TH 6x4 (gas)

  • Heat output of 0.8 kW to 2.2 kW (2900 Btu/hr to 7500 Btu/hr)
  • Gasoline consumption of 0.10 L/hr to 0.27 L/hr (0.02 gph to 0.07 gph)
  • Air throughput of 0.85 m3/min to 1.42 m3/min (30 cfm to 70 cfm)
  • Power consumption at startup of 250 W (at 12 V)
  • Power consumption in operation of 8 W to 30 W
Operation of forced-air heater : 
Upon startup, the heater's control module runs a self-diagnostic check for safety. Then, the blower begins to increase speed as fuel is fed into the burner. Once the combustion process has stabilized, the glow plug is switched off. The heater continues to run until the thermostat senses the temperature has reached the setting on the control dial.
 The heater will then switch to the next lowest setting. The heater will return to the higher setting as the temperature drops below the setting on the control dial. If the heater switches itself off, it will automatically restart when the temperature drops below the setting on the control dial.

 If the heater's control module senses an incorrect air-intake volume, incorrect exhaust volume, incorrect fan speed, flame absence, flame loss, overheating, control dial failure, sensor failure, blower failure, glow plug failure, fuel pump failure, incorrect voltage, short-circuit or control module failure, the heater is immediately switched off and a fault code is recorded.

When the heater is switched off, the green light goes off and fuel is no longer fed to the burner. The glow plug remains switched on for 30 seconds to clear the heater of combustible residue. To prevent damage to the heater, the blower continues to run until the heater is cool.


  • California use info:

    ⚠ Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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