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  • John Deere Electrohydraulic Third SCV Kit (Cab Only)

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    John Deere Electrohydraulic Third SCV Kit (Cab Only)
    John Deere Electrohydraulic Third SCV Kit - LVB26031
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    John Deere Electrohydraulic Third SCV Kit

    The field- or factory-installed electrohydraulic (EH) third selective control valve (SCV) kit provides an additional rear hydraulic spool-type SVC to give maximum versatility to the 3000 TWENTY Tractors.
    The EH feature provides a smoother and quicker respond to the operator?s movement.
    The kit includes:
    • An ergonomic and user-friendly joystick to make operation fast and simple
    • An independent control switch to turn on/off valves as desired 
    • One spool-type SCV 
    • One 12-V adapter kit*

    Implements best used with this kit are as follows:
    • Grapple buckets
    • 4-in-1 buckets 
    • Hydraulic angle front blades
    Additional SCVs (hydraulic outlets) can be added to the rear of the tractor for various applications.

    Starting with MY2011. Not backward compatible

    *NOTE: The 12-V adapter kit comes installed on tractor when selecting the factory-installed option. It cannot be ordered separately.
    Brand John Deere
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