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  • John Deere Electric Hydraulic Diverter Kit (Open Station Only)

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    John Deere Electric Hydraulic Diverter Kit (Open Station Only)
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    John Deere Electric Hydraulic Diverter Kit

    An electric diverter valve kit adds two additional hydraulic selective control valve (SCV) pairs (hydraulic outlets) on the rear of the tractor, and allows the oil flow to be redirected from front to rear to add versatility and flexibility.
    The 3000 TWENTY Series Tractors come equipped with standard dual mid SCVs (hydraulic outlets located in the mid section). Additional SCVs can be added to the rear of the tractor for various applications. Tractors can be equipped with two to seven pairs of hydraulic couplers.

    Kit includes diverter valve, rear-mounted 1/2-in. couplers, hydraulic lines, and a switch.

    All tractor front hydraulic couplers are 3/8 in. All tractor rear hydraulic couplers are 1/2 in.

    This kit is starting with model year 2011 tractors only
    Brand John Deere
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