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    John Deere 72-inch Deck Mulching Attachment
    John Deere 72-inch Deck Mulching Attachment - TCB10951
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    John Deere 72-inch Deck Mulching Attachment

    The mulching attachment allows converting the mowers so they can be used to perform the mulching function (grass or leaves) of this system.
    The attachment consists of special mulching blades, mulch baffles to direct the clippings into the blade for recutting, and a discharge closure and hardware.

    Operating tips
    • Mow when the grass is dry.
    • Observe the one-third rule. 
    • No more than one-third of the grass blade should be cut off at one time. This allows more efficient mulching and will promote the continued good health of the grass. If the desired cut height cannot be achieved by cutting off one-third, or there is clumping of the clippings, it may be required to cut higher; wait a day, then lower the mower and make a second pass. 
    • Mow at proper intervals—approximately every four days to five days. 
    • Always mow with sharp blades.

    Replaces BM20490

    John Deere
    Rating Mr.
    The installation requires some drilling through the 4000 dollar deck, not a pleasant thought. It works fairly well, chopping leaves and grass in one pass, leaves much better with two passes.
    Reviewed by:  from New Castle PA. - 1/17/2016
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