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    John Deere 70-lb. Quick-Tach Weight
    John Deere 70-lb. Quick-Tach Weight - BM19780
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    John Deere 70-lb. Quick-Tach Weight

    Quik-Tatch weights help to counterbalance rear-mounted implements.
    Up to five 42- or 70-lb weights can be added to the standard equipment front weight bracket.
    The front weight bracket is an integral part of the tractor. The LVB25705 front weight pin kit, which includes the bracket rod and pins, is required to hold the weights in place.

    NOTE: For 3E Tractors, the LVB24952 front weight bracket extension kit is required (as the weight bracket does not come standard on these tractors). The LVB25705 front quik-tatch weight kit is NOT applicable for these tractors.
    NOTE: Front weights and front hitch are not compatible on same tractor
    Brand John Deere
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