John Deere 48X Replacement Mower Deck 48-in for X400/X500 HDGT and X700 Series

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John Deere 48X Replacement Mower Deck 48-in for X400/X500 HDGT and X700 Series
John Deere 48X Replacement Mower Deck 54-in. for X400/X500 HDGT and X700 Series SKU21683
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John Deere 48X Replacement Mower Deck 48-in. for X400/X500 HDGT and X700 Series SKU21683
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John Deere 48X replacement Mower Deck

Mower includes everything needed, including front draft arm assembly, for installation on any X400/X500 Heavy-Duty Garden Tractor or X700 Ultimate™ Series Tractor.

NOTE: The 48X Mower will not fit X485 Special Edition or X720 Special Edition Tractor because it will interfere with the tractor's front fenders.

With these new decks a running change has been made to the gearbox with spiral bevel gears instead of straight-cut gears:

This is the same spiral bevel gearbox that has been used on the 60-in. 7-Iron™ Mower (SKU22260) from production start.
Spiral bevel gears are inherently stronger and quieter than straight-cut gears. This is because there is more gear tooth contact through each revolution of the shaft due to the spiral profile of the gear teeth (i.e., each tooth is in contact with the opposing tooth for a longer period of time as the shafts rotate). Because of the quieter-operating gearbox, the isolation mounting system that was standard on the 54- and 62-in. mowers will no longer be used.
Additional benefits of the spiral bevel gearbox over the straight-cut gearbox include:
  • 10 percent increase in diameter of gear set
  • 20 percent increase in distance between bearings on the input shaft for better load capacity
  • Bearings on the input shaft are seated on machined cast-iron surfaces (the old gearbox used snap rings and spacers on the input shaft)
  • A vent valve has been added to the gear-case housing to relieve pressure buildup inside the housing to improve life of the oil seals

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