John Deere 48 inch Front Blade 200 Series 320 GT 325 335 345 355D GX Tractors

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John Deere 48 inch Front Blade 200 Series 320 GT 325 335 345 355D GX Tractors
John Deere 48 inch Front Blade 200 Series 320 GT 325 335 345 355D GX Tractors
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John Deere 48 inch Front Blade 200 Series 320 GT 325 335 345 355D GX Tractors
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This 48-in. (122-cm) Front Blade is compatible with noncurrent 200 Series, 320, GT, 325, 335, 345, 355D, and GX Garden Tractors. See the Price Pages for specific compatibility and ordering information.

NOTE: The 48-in. (122-cm) Front Blade is not recommended for X300 Series or LX Tractors. (The 44-in. (112-cm) Front Blade is available for the X300 Series, LX, and GT Tractors.)

The 48-in. (122-cm) Front Blade is:

·         Designed for residential use

·         Excellent for pushing snow and loose material

·         Wide enough to completely clear material away from the path of the tractor, when in the angled position

Heavy-duty construction gives long life

The blade is constructed of heavy, 0.12-in. (3-mm) -thick steel.
A reinforcing angle behind the blade gives extra strength at the working edge.
The blade's cutting edge is made from hardened steel and is replaceable.

Easy-on, easy-off mounting system

Support wheels/mounting points

The blade is balanced on two support wheels:

·         Wheels make it convenient to move the front blade to and from storage.

·         It is easy to line the blade up with mounting points during installation.

·         Wheels can be moved to the storage position after installation is complete.

Tractor mid-frame mounting points are used:

·         Location of mounting points improves performance by keeping the blade at an optimum working angle at all working heights.

·         The blade is held in place with two simple, cam-shaped locks.

Adjustable skid shoes

Adjustable skid shoes on each side of the blade allow the operator to select the correct blading height to match various conditions and job requirements:

·         Skid shoes are adjustable to eight different heights.

o     Seven at  0.5-in. (12.7-mm) increments and one at 1-in. (25.4-mm) increment

·         Uniform grading/blading is easier when using the adjustable skid shoes. 

·         Skid shoes are replaceable, as they wear out over time.

Breakaway feature

Two large coil springs hold the blade in a vertical working position.

The bottom edge will be pushed back if a solid object is struck:

·         Reduces damage to the blade

·         Prevents the operator from being jolted

The blade can be locked (red arrow) in the vertical position, if desired.

Storage position saves space

The front blade can be tipped forward to reduce the amount of storage space required.


48-in. (122-cm) Front Blade

Overall length: 


Installed on tractor

86 in. (218 cm)

Installed on tractor with Quik-Tatch weights

90.5 in. (223 cm)

Overall width 

48 in. (122 cm)

Overall height 

17 in. (43 cm)

Cutting width:


Blade straight

48 in. (122 cm)

Blade angled 15 degrees

47 in. (119 cm)

Blade angled 30 degrees 

42 in. (107 cm)

Angling positions: 


Number of positions 


Right and left

15 degrees

Right and left

30 degrees

Range of lift (blade positioned straight forward): 


Above ground line

5 in. (13 cm)

Below ground line

3 in. (7.6 cm)

Blade skid shoes 

Eight positions

Blade trip 

Spring-trip with lock

Blade float 

Built into tractor linkage

Material thickness: 



0.12 in. (3.05 mm)

Replaceable scraper edge

0.188 in. (4.76 mm)

Weight, net: 


Blade less angling kit

110 lb (50 kg)

Manual angling kit

8 lb (4 kg)

Attaching time

5 minutes

Removal time

5 minutes


This 48-in. (122-cm) Front Blade is compatible with:

·         240, 245, 260, 265, 285, and 320 Tractors

·         GT242, GT262, GT275, GT225, GT235, GT235EOE, and GT245 Tractors

·         325, 335, 345, 355D, and GX Tractors

NOTE: The 48-in. (122-cm) Front Blade is not recommended for X300 Series or LX Lawn Tractors. (The 44-in. (112-cm) Front Blade is available for X300 and LX Tractors and a narrower option for all GT Tractors and GX255 Tractors.)

1.       All tractors require front implement lift kit and attaching parts. Included in this Listing

2.       Two 50-lb (23-kg) plastic-shell wheel weights (one on each wheel), or up to four 42-lb (19-kg) Quik-Tatch weights recommended for additional traction.

3.       Tire chains are helpful when blading snow.

4.       Bar tires are helpful for dirt applications.


  • California use info:

    ⚠ Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Feature 13


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Customer Reviews

Snow blade on GX325
I tried to order this from my local John Deere dealer but was told that it was no longer available. The best they could do was to suggest I find a used one on ebay. Thank you Green Dealer for having this in stock and available along with the angle kit and lift kit, all brand new still in the John Deere boxes. It did take me about 3 hours to get it mounted as the instructions are vague and incomplete. FYI, when you go to attach the lift kit be aware that the diagram they give you is a view from the top down not what you will see as you lay on the ground looking up. After that the rest of the pieces went on ok but again the instructions were not much help. In the end everything did fit and now I am looking forward to the first snowfall.
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Reviewed by:  from Galena, Il. on 11/3/2016

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