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42-inch Deck Gator Mulcher 3-in-1 Blade Set

Part Number:92-676
42-inch Deck Gator Mulcher 3-in-1 Blade Set
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•Price is for a set of 2 Genuine Gator 3-In-1 blades

•Hardened steel for extended blade life. All Oregon blades are austemper heat treated.

•42" John Deere, replaces GX20249, GX20433, or GY20567 (2pk)

•21 3/8" long, 2.50" wide, .187" thick

Gator Mulching Blades that fit a John Deere 42" deck on the L100 series tractors that are sold at Home Depot as well as John Deere dealers across America. Gator Blades feature teeth on the back side of the blade. These teeth do not cut the grass a second time, they redirect the airflow under the deck to bring the grass clippings back towards the center of the blade to be cut again. This results in shorter clippings and less windrowing (Piling up of grass) as it comes out of the deck.
Another nice feature about the Gator blades is they have less vacuum that regular mower blades. This will allow you to mow over some rocks and sticks without picking them up and launching them as far as the regular blades do.
Can use as a substitution for OEM blades GX20249

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